My belief

“As the only thing I ever do is to walk the towns, always trying to convince you, young
and old people, not to take much care of the body and money, but of nothing more,
and of nothing equally as of the soul, in making it as good as possible , and telling
you that it’s not the virtue which emerges from wealth, but from virtue comes wealth
and all the other goods for each one individually as well as for the city” (SOCRATES)

In a world where corruption and lie take the most divers shapes, in a world in
which we are aggressively “invaded” by politics and trade, I believe in morality,
in modesty, in decency, in friendship, in simplicity, in truth.
I believe that religion and spiritual life in general may have a positive impact over
As far as we, nowadays humans, are concerned, I believe that many times we lose
our way looking for a sense in our life, in a materialistic world more and more
chaotic. I believe that the sense of life can be found every day, every second, in
reading, helping the man next to us, striving to improve ourselves, throwing away
our selfishness, contemplating the nature, singing, being near our beloved, loving,
working for the community.
I believe that a small “brick” required to be used in building an ideal society, an
especially important one, is the necessity that each and any of us should have a
fair and honest conduct towards the others around us, getting rid of the each and
every tendency in our behavior to induce stress to our fellows.
I believe that music has the power to change people, to better them, to pacify
them, to strengthen them, to help them, to make them forget about the daily
tension, to get them rid of stress.
I believe that, before able to change the society in which we live, we must start by
changing ourselves, getting more tolerant, more patient, better with our fellows.

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